Welcome 2021

Today rings in the new year. We are enjoying a nice break in between the Holiday and New Year. Taking a break from homeschool is always a treat for both me and my kids. We always like just relaxing and slowing down from the everyday life. What new things are you looking forward to this year? We are hoping to be traveling more, since we had to take a break last year. I am also looking forward to our walk in the woods tomorrow. We always take our kids on a new year hike around the start of the year weather permitting. Tomorrow we will take a book to read out loud and take a hike. I am hoping to get some inspiration for another painting coming up. I am also hoping to help get the last push to finish the children’s book that I am writing on Amazon Kindle. I will post the link to the book to my website once it is done and complete. It is a cute book written for little ones 1st grade and under. Some of the art I show here is going to be in the book also. I mainly paint with oil and acrylic but have lately really been drawn to water color. I love the simple look that it gives the art I create. It reminds me of a beautiful old fashion seaside painting that my mother had when I was growing up. The painting was from a local artist but it was just simple and sweet. I hope everyone has a happy healthy new year.


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