Childhood Traditions

My family tradition growing up was Christmas was always celebrated in my neighbors house. I grew up in a very small country village ( it wasn’t even a town because it was to small). My parents had moved away for my dads job so we were nowhere near any immediate family. Christmas Eve was always doing Vallejo ( it’s a polish tradition ) in honor of my grandmother. Then we would go to a candlelight Christmas church service. I grew up in a small area so there was maybe 20 people in this mass. Then we would go home and hope that Santa would arrive. In the morning my mom would make a massive breakfast or potatoes, spicy potatoes ( we would get different spices from all over the world , we traveled a lot when I was a child), snausages ( yes that is what I called them), and my mom would make her famous cheesecake. We would pack up baskets and sing Christmas carols while walking down the street to our neighbors house. Usually the whole village was invited so there were maybe 15 of us. My neighbors owned the old inn that was built in the town. They had a great big serving room to host everyone. We would all pile in with our food for the offering table. Then we would eat, sing Christmas carols, swap books and talk about movies. It was tradition afterwards to go see a movie. My favorite ones were Little Women ( 1994) and The Lord of the Rings all three. Then after eating and dividing up the leftovers we would walk back to our house. We did this every year since I can remember.

Now that I have children of my own family traditions have changed a bit. Neighbors move away and life goes on. What is exciting with change is the possibilities of new traditions. Now my husband and I have become expert gingerbread architects. We also still make my grandmothers family recipe of poppy seed. My daughter and I now keep the tradition going with a lot of help from my mother. We also do a big Christmas breakfast but this time my parents host it. When my sister isn’t traveling ( she lives a pretty awesome life) she also comes and joins in the festivities. If you read my other blog Hiking With Kids you would know that we also always do a new years day hike. The thing that is beautiful about change is you get to start new things. I have such great memories of my childhood Christmas but I love the new ones too. I can’t wait to see when my kids have grown what traditions they start.


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