The Changing of the Seasons

It was a long busy spring/ summer for my family and me. We had a lot of great and wonderful life events happen that have kept me busy. I sit here now by my wood stove and hear the gentle sounds of crackling fire and find myself for once having a moment to post a new blog post. We moved back in May which started a new chapter in our journey. If you read my previous post I talk briefly about how we had purchased my family home in my little village out in the country. We have since began creating a small farm and other major lists of projects. We got baby chickens in the spring and with the help of the kids raised them from 3 days on. We are now enjoying our fresh farm eggs and making all new sorts of recipes with them. My love of gardening will always be who I am. We planted a massive vegetable garden and enjoyed endless fresh zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and beans. We didn’t stop there though we planted gardens for pollinators, herbs and did I mention sunflowers. We had sunflowers everywhere. We wanted our home to come to life. We did and we enjoyed every chance we could spend outside. As usual though with every season the Earth shifts and the weather changes. Now we are in fall. Where I live it is cold more than warm throughout the year. We absorb the weather when it is warm but also cherish the colder times. Today I finished feeding the chickens the last of my frost bitten vegetable plants. I also tended to my fall garden. I finished last minute projects to get the house ready for the future cold weather. We also made sure our hay was stacked and put away. Finishing our last minute stacking of wood since that is how our home is heated. Our leaves have already peaked but I enjoy hearing the soft sound of one individual leaf falling at a time as it makes it journey to the ground. After having been so high up in a tree to see if slowly make its own unpredictable fall to the ground. Fall has officially arrived. As our days get darker until the winter equinox we begin to feel the need to get cozy in our homes. We feel life begin to slow down with winter approaching. We enjoy the sun when it shines, but also can feel the slowing of the season approaching. The late night lightning bug chases in the summer become a late night getting cozy by a fire or under a warm blanket. Now our chickens are full grown. Our seeds became beautiful plants and have now fed many people and creatures. I look forward to see what new adventures fall brings.


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