Quiet House Happy Life?

I am enjoying some me time while I have my morning breakfast and iced coffee ( did I mention I like cold). The house is quiet and still. All my dogs are napping at my feet after enjoying their breakfast and all I hear besides the slow breaths of puppies is the fire crackling and singing. It is starting to snow so even the outside is….. silent. I love these quiet mornings where I can get things done and get farm chores done and can have my own time to think. There is something so wonderful about the quiet time we adults get to enjoy. Depending on your life you might get some more than others.

We have been on break from homeschool for a few days now and it has been nice catching up on things that needed done around here. I think the multiple walks in the intense wind yesterday helped with making the kids extra exhausted so I feel like I have a little extra time this morning. Our house on a daily basis is very….noisy. There is always a lot going on whether it be outside or inside. We have 3 young kids, 4 dogs , a very opinionated cat and an abundance of farm creatures. If the rooster isn’t crowing than our Alaskan Malamute is howling. If she isn’t howling than something else is filling the quiet gap. So when the house is silent I find it odd, a very unfamiliar thing. Trust me when I say I love it, it is peaceful it always me to get my day started. At the same time though it is also that…. silent. So I have to ask myself do you think a quiet house makes a happy life? If the house was always quiet what would be missing from it? What memories would we miss out on. You don’t even have to have children your house could still be filled with noise. Think if you didn’t hear your children giggling as there feet went running down the hallway on the wood floor. Or your family member that brings you your favorite dish to eat that makes your whole house fill with aroma. How about your friend that brings laughter and joy when they come to visit. Something as simple as your dog barking or your cat meowing as they greet you at the door. I say embrace the chaos of life. Enjoy that quiet home but also enjoy what other things life has for you. A little noise in life brings you some great memories. Since everyday is different and no two days are the same…. I say that the noise is a welcome friend.


Our cat also enjoying the silence.

Getting Outdoors

The winter time is the time of year where most people are just like nope see you in the spring (way to cold out). Getting outside to me as important as basic needs such as water or food. I make time out of our daily day to day to make sure that my kids get some much needed fresh air. The great thing about the fresh air is it seems to make them even sleep better. Old man winter shouldn’t keep you for getting out there. Today was a cold day with same big time gusts. We still have snow from the other week and more to come ( it snows here a lot). We usually bundle the kids up and sometimes we grab our sleds, or do snow art or even just make snow people. The best part about sledding today was the hill was very icy so it made the sleds go even faster. By the time they were done and the sun was setting everyone had very red cheeks and big smiles. Making memories to me is just as important as learning math. It’s part of what makes childhood wonderful. When you grow up and look back you will think do you remember that time we did this or that. The sunset today was a vibrant peach that stretched for miles and even though it closed our adventure for that day it shines the hope that tomorrow there will be a new adventure to come.

So we bundle up and wear extra socks and we get outside. We get the little bit of vitamin D that the winter sun has to offer. We take a good deep breath and get those lungs full of cold air. We dream of longer and warmer days but we also remember that come summer we will miss our cold air and snowy hills. It’s nice to embrace every season whether that be actual seasons or seasons of life. Each season has something different to offer. Each is a unique experience that comes with its own exciting journey. So when you feel like it is to cold outside bundle up and go have some fun.


Check out my YouTube video of a winter’s sunset for some 10 minutes of me time.