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Getting Back to Your Roots Evangeline’s Nook

I talk about family heirlooms and sentimental attachment while I am decluttering my guest bedroom. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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Plant for the Future

My house that I grew up in I would plant gardens everywhere. I grew up in a very rural area with an abundant soil that needed “my touch.” I put in ponds too in hope that it would bring in more wildlife. I remember picking this sad sapling that had grown in my parent’s ditch. It really was sad it had a crooked stem and was soon going to be sacrificed during the yearly mowing that the county did since it was close to the road. I remember picking that tree out of the ditch one day and telling my mom I was going to plant it near our one pond. I think she even took pity on the tree knowing it wasn’t long for this world. It had very little leaves. I planted that tree. I cared for that tree. I would sit by that tree. I would paint by that tree. That tree grew, and grew, and grew. Now that tree is massive. My daughter has named it Mommy’s Tree. My daughter the adventurer now has chosen this to be her favorite climbing tree when she is at her grandparents house. I tell her that story of where this tree came from and how it got here. The funny thing is if I didn’t do what I did all those years ago there would be no climbing tree there. That tree would have just been mowed over and forgotten. Something that could have been seen as so insignificant would one day bring such happiness to a child. As I had said in my last blog post that planting is the hope of the future. You might not realize how much something can make a difference in someone’s life. But I am happy that I did pull that tree out of the ditch and give it a new chance at life. I look forward to spring to be able to continue our gardening traditions. My children every year help get our vegetable garden ready for a new harvest year. I look forward to seeing their hands covered in dirt and knowing that they are learning such a valuable lesson in life. That is to plant for the future.


Picture was taken in the garden. The flowers look like thin pieces of paper.

The Story of Saving the Butter

When I was a child one of the many trips I took growing up was to the Caribbean. We used to stay at St Johns National Park. We would rent this little primal cottage that was maybe 20 feet from the beach. The cottage had 4 twin beds, a ice chest , no running water or a bathroom, a hot plate, and a broom. It had two cement walls and two screen walls to give you a cross breeze. There were an abundance of wild donkeys brought in for the sugar cane trade and endless lizards and mongoose. You would walk 1/2 mile down to a hand pump to get water and there was an outdoor restroom with showers and toilets. Every morning we would wake up gather water and then go snorkeling ( I swear I was a fish in my past life). We would snorkel for hours. The water there is this vibrant aqua. You can see for miles when snorkeling. I remember taking these disposable underwater cameras and taking hundreds of pictures of fish and coral reefs. My sister and I would swim all day until sundown. Anyhow we needed to head into main town to gather some more food items ( we had packed all our food in luggage bags this was back when they didn’t charge you per ounce for your luggage). We had this loaf of bread. Oh bread did I mention nothing beats an amazing bread. That perfect bread with an amazing hard crust and soft inside…. yum. Well to get to town you had to take a “safari truck” which was basically a truck that you would all pile in the back open cab ( thank god because it was so hot). Well my mother , sister and I we all set out to town to pick up grocery items and of course….. butter. Yummy amazing butter to go with our bread. We arrive at the grocery store in our safari truck. We asked the driver to wait for us that we would only be a few minutes. We got our small grocery list of fresh fruits and vegetables. When we get to the butter section, we had a choice of Danish or Irish butter. We chose the Irish ( so good) and head back to our truck. Almost instantly our perfect decadent butter starts to melt. The sure panic of knowing at this moment that this butter had become our only mission. That all we would dream of was having that bread with some butter on it. We quickly thought ok maybe get it out of the sun. Nope, doesn’t matter because it still feels like over 100 degrees. Maybe if we wrap our hat around it. Nope, now we just have a butter flavored hat. Our cab driver just couldn’t stop laughing at our problem solving skills getting us no where. Who can blame him, three people scrambling to figure out how we were going to get this butter back to our cottage. Finally we came up with the idea of holding it up and off the side of the truck with the wind blowing. In hindsight that isn’t how science works, but it made us think it was working. Our cab driver dropped us off at the park where we still had a three mile walk to our cottage. We gave him a good laugh for the day. On our way to our cottage, did I forget to mention wild donkeys, yeah they like butter too. Now we have dripping butter down our arms and a herd of wild donkeys hoping that we would drop it so they could have it. We get to our cottage put the butter in our small little ice chest. All that was left was just enough for a few slices of bread. Guess what though that story never gets old. I was just 9 years old when we took that trip. I remember that story though like it just happened. I always say its the little moments that make the best memories. Yes I know this was on a vacation trip, but it still makes a great family story.